Thursday, April 14, 2005

Kasenna Previews its Latest IPTV Server

Kasenna is showcasing its latest IPTV application suite at this week's NAB 2005 show in Las Vegas. Kasenna's "LivingRoom" IPTV includes broadcast TV, pay-per-view, video-on-demand, network PVR, and a commercial music jukebox-all from the same application server. In addition, LivingRoom v1.2 supports easy integration of more advanced services such as Internet access, e-mail, chat, interactive gaming, and traffic watch using web services APIs.

LivingRoom clients are available in easily portable, thin client, browser-based configurations as well as with Macromedia Flash. LivingRoom v1.2 also includes a scalable back-office application server for content management, channel packaging, transaction processing, billing system integration, subscriber management/provisioning integration, services management, and other key functions.

The Kasenna demonstrations use set-top boxes from Amino and Thomson, and with encryption solutions from Widevine and SecureMedia. Key partners showcasing LivingRoom 1.2 at their booths include IBM, HP, and Optibase.


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