Sunday, April 3, 2005

Juniper Adds PacketCable Multimedia Support to SDX-300

Juniper Networks announced several new product enhancements, features, partnerships and strategic relationships aimed at cable multiple system operators (MSOs). These include:

  • PacketCable Multimedia (PCMM) support for the SDX-300 Service Deployment System to enable end-to-end QoS, dynamic bandwidth management and event-based accounting for multimedia applications. Using PCMM, Juniper's SDX can dynamically adjust bandwidth requirements and QoS levels to support premium multimedia applications like online gaming, telephony and video-enabled services such as telephony and instant messaging. The SDX is capable of serving as a PCMM Application Manager, or as both an integrated Application Manager and Policy Server. MSOs can use the SDX to manage services through its embedded policy server, or can use the SDX to manage existing third-party PCMM-compliant Policy Servers. The SDX will also manage services via any PCMM-compliant CMTS.

  • Partnerships and interoperability testing, including with Extent, Arris and Motorola

  • Full ITU Grid Optical support to reduce expenses, simplify operations and better support bandwidth-intensive services such as video on demand. Also available from Juniper Networks is the new 10 GigE DWDM Physical Interface Card (PIC). Utilizing tunable optical technology, it offers extended reach, colored wavelength support across the full C-band ITU Grid, for up to 45 unique wavelengths in a single device.


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