Sunday, April 10, 2005

Huawei Selects BroadLight's PON Chips

Huawei Technologies is using BroadLight's end-to-end PON chips for its optical access gear. The selection includes BroadLight's ITU-T PON controllers, transceivers and software for use in new Huawei PON products that are expected to ship in volume throughout the world. BroadLight's products include:

  • ITU-T PON Controllers for OLT and ONTs -- supporting the nominal and enhanced (G.983, 1.25 Gbps downstream, 155 Mbps upstream) BPON standard rates and provide framing, media access, SERDES, CDR, cell and packet transmission, queue management, DBA, traffic protection, and out-of-band management functions.

  • Transceivers -- the PON transceiver product line addresses OLT and ONT applications with two or three wavelength services with industrial temperature range capability. BroadLight's three wavelength ONT transceiver is equipped with an embedded CATV receiver offering exceptional optical and RF performance.

  • Software Stack -- BroadLight's software packages enable a variety of PON functions and features from low-level drivers, communications and management protocols to dynamic bandwidth allocation (DBA) algorithms, traffic protection, and more.

"This is not only a major win for BroadLight, but also for the ITU-T standard which is expected to become mainstream in Asia," said Andy Vought, CEO of BroadLight. "We are excited about working with Huawei and leveraging our extensive experience in PON so that Huawei can be successful with their customers."

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