Sunday, April 3, 2005

Digeo Announces Moxi Mini

Digeo unveiled a lower cost "Moxi Mini" set top box (STB) that offers dual-mode functionality both as a stand alone digital receiver and as a client delivering digital video recording (DVR) and media center functionality when a Moxi II Media Center is added to the home. The low cost Moxi Mini provides two deployment options for cable operators:

  • As a stand-alone digital receiver capable of running OCAP applications and a light version of the Moxi Menu and guide, including On Demand;

  • As a Moxi Mate media center extension, bringing DVR, Moxi Photo, Moxi Jukebox, Moxi Games, Moxi Telephone, and even HD services to multiple rooms in the home.

The Moxi media center is also adding a new PC Link feature that allows cable subscribers to stream music and share photos from multiple PCs to television sets throughout the home. Moxi PC Link enhances the already-popular Moxi Photo and Moxi Jukebox features, which allow media to be stored directly on the Moxi Media Center internal hard drive.
  • In April 2004, Charter Communications began offering the Motorola Broadband Media Center (BMC) with Digeo's Moxi Service in Charter's Rochester, Minnesota market. The Moxi service is also offered in 9 other Charter markets. Adelphia also offers Moxi in many of its markets.

  • Paul G. Allen founded Digeo in 1999. In the spring of 2002, Moxi merged with Digeo to provide advanced media center platforms and iTV services.


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