Sunday, April 17, 2005

Converged Access Develops a Layer 7 CPE Device

Converged Access, which was formed in May 2004 by a management buyout of traffic management expert Sitara Networks, introduced its Layer 7, application-aware CPE access device designed for delivering precise network metrics to each application according to customer-defined policies.

The Converged Access Point (CAP) combines traffic management technology with IP routing, Ethernet switching, business-class security, wireless and wired access, and voice interfaces.

The company said alternative solutions, such as stand-alone routers, DSL modems and IADs, lack several critical traffic management technologies, including Layer 7 support, packet size control, TCP rate shaping, class-based queuing, bandwidth borrowing, and ToS marking that are necessary to protect voice traffic. These existing solutions can't control individual IP flows and therefore, can't guarantee toll-quality voice.

The CAP leverages Converged Access' QoSWorks patented traffic management technology and proprietary algorithms to provide identification and control of all individual traffic flows across the access network. The initial version of the CAP provides a 10 Mbps WAN interface; a four port 10/100 Ethernet switch; a firewall with IPSec VPN support; support for up to 50 SIP calls on a T1 and a four-port analog gateway, , fax support and integral SIP/H323/MGCP voice gateway.

Pricing starts at $850.


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