Thursday, April 7, 2005

Cablevision Confirms Closure of VOOM HD Satellite Service

Cablevision Systems confirmed plans to shut down its VOOM HD satellite TV at the end of April. Cablevision's chairman and founder Charles Dolan had fought to keep the venture alive, or to sell it, while the company's board of Directors, led by James Dolan (the son), had sought to shutter the money-losing satellite division.

  • In January 2005, EchoStar Communications agreed to acquire Cablevision's direct broadcast satellite and certain other related assets for $200 million. The deal includes the Rainbow 1 satellite, located at the 61.5 degree W.L. orbital position, as well as FCC licenses to construct, launch and operate DBS services over 11 frequency channels at the 61.5 degree W.L. orbital location. In addition, EchoStar will acquire the contents of Rainbow DBS's ground facility in Black Hawk, S.D. and related assets.


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