Monday, April 11, 2005

BT Suppliers High-Def Transatlanctic Circuit for NHK

BT was awarded a three year contract by NHK, a major Japanese public broadcaster, to supply a full-time High- Definition (HD) circuit from Paris to New York. The BT fiber network provides a compressed 60 Mbps, 4:2:2 format, fully-managed circuit that runs between NHK Paris and NHK New York and additionally passes through the BT Tower in London.

NHK currently contributes news content from its European bureau to its General Bureau for America in New York. From there the content is routed to Japan, via NHK's existing transpacific fiber, for contribution to NHK's HD satellite and terrestrial channels. Previously, content gathered by NHK's European bureau was only transmitted in HD format through the use of satellite.

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