Sunday, April 3, 2005

Broadbus Announces VOD Server Deployments at Top MSOs

Broadbus Technologies, a start-up based in Boxborough, Massachusetts, announced that it has won more than 25 commercial deployments at 5 top MSOs in North America. The operators include Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter, Adelphia, and Rogers Cable. The company expects to have sold more than 150,000 streams through the end of Q1.

The Broadbus B-1 Video Server Platform is capable of up to 20,000 streams of MPEG-2 video at 3.75Mbps in a single 18U chassis, with full support for H.264 and VC-1. In a clustered configuration, greater than 1 million streams can share a single storage library of more than 1 million hours. Interfaces such as GigE and Fibre-Channel are standard and the system is compatible with back-offices from Tandberg TV (formerly N2BB) and C-COR (formerly nCUBE) as well as several proprietary systems.

Broadbus said it is unique in its ability to leverage commodity elements such as DDR DRAM and SATA Hard Drives, while at the same time, using carrier-class elements in its chassis, power supplies and cooling system. The platform uses a Linux-based architecture and open-standards interfaces such as JAVA, .net, SOAP, XML, and CORBA, while also supporting the cable industry's open interface specifications such as ISA and NGOD.


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