Thursday, April 14, 2005

Bivio Raises $16.5M for Gigabit Packet Handling

Bivio Networks, a start-up based in Pleasanton, California, raised $16.5 million capital in venture funding for its new line of multi-gigabit packet handling appliances. Bivio has developed an enterprise-class networking appliance that features a uniquely scalable architecture for advanced packet handling of network applications in the areas of security, VoIP, multimedia, wireless and IPv6.

Bivio's multi-gigabit architecture, which leverages off-the-shelf processors and programmable FPGAs, is specifically optimized for wire-speed execution of software-based network services. The design separates network processing (Layer 1-3) from application processing (Layers 4 and above) onto separate cards. An application processing card features parallel Motorola PowerPCs. The network processing card, which provides deep packet inspection and classification, scales to 4 Gbps in throughput. The 2U appliance can add either additional application processors or network interfaces as required. The system also scales by daisy chaining the backplane of multiple Bivio appliances.

Bivio is offering its platform on an OEM basis.

Investors in the new funding round include Goldman Sachs, InterWest Partners, Storm Ventures, and Venrock Associates.


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