Sunday, April 24, 2005

BelAir Supplies Wi-Fi Mesh in Bristol, UK

BelAir Networks is supplying its wide-area wireless networking equipment for what is described as the U.K.'s largest wireless hot zone, which is being built in Bristol. The Bristol network, which covers approximately 3 square kilometers, uses four-radio wireless switch routers. Each unite includes a 2.4 GHz access radio module to support Wi-Fi client access and up to three separate 5 GHz backhaul radio modules. The network is used to provide Internet access and to enable city workers to access private networks (VPNs) while working on city streets. The network also provides wireless connectivity for CCTV, allowing cameras to be deployed around street events and for general security surveillance. The Bristol network was conceived by Bristol City Council in partnership with Cityspace, the UK's leading provider of outdoor urban digital networks.

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