Monday, April 18, 2005

BelAir and Cityspace Create London's Biggest Outdoor Wi-Fi Net

The London Borough of Islington has activated what is described as the city's biggest wireless broadband hot zone, providing free Internet access. The "Technology Mile" is an unbroken wireless hot zone stretching the length of historic Upper Street, which links The City to the A1 main artery into north London. The one-mile hot zone is covered by seven BelAir200 Wireless Multi-service Switch Routers and one BelAir100 Wireless Multi-service Node.

The BelAir200 units deployed in Islington's Technology Mile are four-radio wireless switch routers that are built specifically for outdoor deployments. Each BelAir200 includes an access radio module that uses the 2.4 GHz band to support Wi-Fi client access. The access radio and integrated antennas project Wi-Fi signals over wide areas at street level; or directly into multi-story buildings from the outside, eliminating the need for indoor access points. The BelAir200s can also be configured with up to three separate 5 GHz backhaul radio modules.

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