Sunday, April 3, 2005

ARRIS Shows 1.28 Gbps Wideband Data and Channel Bonding

ARRIS is demonstrating Wideband Data and Channel Bonding capabilities of its Cadant C4 CMTS with speeds up to 1.28 Gbps at this week's NCTA National Show in San Francisco. The C4 will feature live 2x12 Cable Access Modules and demonstrate wideband data speeds of up to 1.28 Gbps, hitless RF sparing and Control Complex fail-over.

ARRIS is also showing IP Video over DOCSIS utilizing its Keystone D5 Digital Multimedia Termination System (DMTS) and a variety of set-top clients. Among other applications, the Keystone D5's RF QAM channel-bonding capabilities will be demonstrated, as well as the D5's ability to simultaneously deliver MPEG-2 transport content in an Edge-QAM mode to an MPEG-2 Transport Set Top Box, while performing CMTS duties on the same content via DOCSIS for IP Video delivery to cable modems and IP set top boxes.

In addition, ARRIS will show both PacketCable and SIP Protocol solutions with a variety of Touchstone voice and data clients.


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