Sunday, March 27, 2005

Wave7 Announces Single Fiber FTTP Network in Japan

Wave7 Optics announced the completion a "single-fiber" FTTP network in Japan providing the triple play of voice, RF video and data services. Single-fiber systems are less expensive to deploy and maintain than dual-fiber systems, which load upstream and downstream traffic onto separate fibers.

Undertaken as a joint project between the municipality of Taki-Cho (Shimane prefecture) and Izumo Cable Vision in October 2004, the $6.2 million project covers a region of 44 sq. km and now connects more than 1,300 homes. This figure represents more than 90% of the municipality's homes and all Taki-Cho residents will be connected soon. The municipality and Izumo embarked upon this project because, for one reason, most of the region is in a "blind spot" to terrestrial digital broadcast television.

Current services include 35 television and two FM radio channels, symmetrical high-speed Internet connections, an interactive community teletext system and SIP-based VoIP, which means Izumo can offer the full complement of telephone features such as call forwarding, caller ID and "follow me." Wavet's Last Mile Link system also supports MGCP and NCS (Media Gateway Control Protocol and Network-based Call Signaling).

Yagi is responsible for the deployment of Wave7's "Last Mile Link" network equipment (from central office to customer premises) and the rest of the FTTP infrastructure, including the multi-layer switches, SIP server and video headend equipment.


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