Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Washington State School District Deploys Marconi's ViPr

The Lake Washington School District, near Redmond, Washington, has selected Marconi's ViPr Virtual Presence System for high-resolution video telephony and multimedia communications between remote school sites. The school district's existing Wide Area Network is based on Gigabit Ethernet. Using ViPr's always-on and virtual presence capabilities, team leaders from different schools can collaborate on academic projects and Master Teachers -- experienced teachers who mentor other teachers -- can have an immediate and more effective impact on educational issues.

Marconi's delivers digital high-fidelity audio and DVD-quality video in an integrated video telephony platform that provides users with an experience they perceive as virtual presence. ViPr pioneered the use of SIP (Session Initiation Protocol). The ViPr multiparty video telephony platform also eliminates the Multi-point Control Unit (MCU), a costly device that traditional video- conferencing products require for multiparty calls. The MCU also introduces delay that makes real-time video telephony impossible.

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