Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Verilink Enhances Orion 4000 Multiplexer

Verilink has added an E1 to T1 transport card to its Orion 4000 Modular Multiplexer, which used by service providers and large enterprises. The new T2E conversion card offers additional capabilities to extend the reach of E1 services by allowing for data and voice transport over T1 lines.

E1 supports 30 channels of voice or data, whereas T1 supports 24 channels of voice or data. Numerous PBX systems installed in Europe support only the E1 format, limiting their ability to connect to overseas offices established on T1 services. Verilink's new T2E E1 to T1 transport card, designed for integration within the Orion 4000 Modular Multiplexer & Inverse Multiplexer, allows users to convert calls from the originating E1 PBX to either E1 or T1 PBXs depending on the customer's communication topology.

The modular Orion 4000 is available with rack-mountable 12-slot and 5-slot shelves. A variety of modules can be used to deliver T3 or E3 access multiplexing (or inverse multiplexing T1s and E1s), transition between circuit- and cell-based services, or transport data, voice and video over a single DS3 circuit.


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