Thursday, March 10, 2005

Vendors Showcase Voice Roaming between Mobile and Wi-Fi

At this week's CTIA Wireless 2005 conference in New Orleans, BridgePort Networks and its MobileIGNITE alliance are showcasing voice roaming between mobile (GSM and CDMA) and Wi-Fi networks. The demonstration shows seamless roaming of calls using a single mobile phone number identity over both live mobile and Wi-Fi networks. For example, as attendees enter an area where the Wi-Fi signal offers a clearer connection, a multi-mode phone automatically connects using low cost VoIP technology to send and receive calls.

Participants in the MobileIGNITE alliance include BridgePort Networks, Commoca, VeriSign, First Cellular, IMC and PCTEL.

Visitors to MobileIGNITE participating member booths can test MobileVoIP Live! on a Windows Mobile-based GSM and Wi-Fi Smartphone, with a unified cellular and Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)-based VoIP user interface to make and receive phone calls.

Calls will be made on live mobile networks through roaming relationships provided through VeriSign (with International Mobile Communications for the GSM network and First Cellular of Southern Illinois for the CDMA network), combined with a wireless LAN network based on Airespace WLAN infrastructure.

The showcase is the result of the work of a number of BridgePort Networks' partners in its MobileIGNITE alliance program for MobileVoIP interoperability.


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