Sunday, March 27, 2005

UNH-IOL Completes Enterprise LAN Triple Play Tests

The University of New Hampshire InterOperability Laboratory (UNH-IOL) completed a multi-vendor interoperability test of voice, video and data technology for corporate LANs. A total of 13 companies participated in the week-long event, which tested VoIP, VoIP-over-wireless, voice clients (software and hardware), session initiation protocol (SIP) proxies, PDAs, bridging protocols, call generation/termination, voice quality analysis, routers, multiple wireless access points, laptop, streaming media servers and a mix of security protocols.

The test marks the first time that three distinct UNH-IOL testing groups, the laboratory's bridging, wireless and VoX consortiums, were involved in a single event. In addition to running test events such as the triple play enterprise security and services group test, these groups perform industry testing year-round, saving companies money and time to market by providing one-on-one product testing, debugging and troubleshooting in a leading-edge test bed resulting in detailed, confidential reports.

UNH-IOL expects this type of testbed to be a repeated event.

Participating companies included: Aruba, Azimuth, Cisco, ClearSight, Dell, Empirix, Fluke Networks, Hirschman, IBM, Ixia, Sifos, Spirent Communications and Veriwave.

Full details of the test, including a network diagram, are online.


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