Thursday, March 10, 2005

TelTel Tops 800,000 SIP Users

TelTel, a SIP-based global Internet telephony service with presence, has signed-up over 800,000 users for its online community, primarily by word-of-mouth. The TelTel service is described as "Instant Voice" (IV), which is Instant Messaging-like (including buddy lists), but voice-centric. It provides free calls to and from anywhere on the Internet and real-time presence information with multiple levels of privacy. For PC-to-Phone calls, if you have at least three friends in your Friends List, you can make free calls to certain phone numbers.

The TelTel network uses standards-based SIP to deliver "managed peer-to-peer" Internet Telephony versus the "best efforts" service of pure peer-to-peer Internet telephony providers, such as Skype. The encoding technology can deliver better-than-toll quality sound. TelTel also tunes the call route to reduce latency.

TelTel's SIP-based network allows any device that "speaks SIP" (including IP Phones, IP PBX and Terminal Adapter) to connect and interoperate with its users through an auto-provisioning function. The company is seeking partnerships from other telecom providers. as well as SIP-device manufacturers.

  • TelTel is headed by Sherman Tuan, who previously founded AboveNet Communications, a leading Internet Data Center service provider that was acquired by Metromedia Fiber Networks in a multi-billion dollar deal.

  • TelTel is based in Santa Clara, California.


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