Saturday, March 19, 2005

Telstra Upgrades to ADSL2+

Telstra is undertaking a AUS $210 million upgrade of its broadband network to ADSL2+. Since January this year, Telstra has been installing ADSL2+ hardware and software to provide additional broadband capability in its exchanges. The Australian carrier plans to launch services at up to 12 Mbps. By mid 2005, 200 exchanges covering about 500,000 premises will have ADSL2+ capability at a cost of AUS $60 million. Telstra has budgeted a further $150 million in financial year 05/06 for the purchase and installation of ADSL2+ technology and coverage will rapidly increase so that by mid-2006 nearly all ADSL-enabled exchanges will have ADSL2+ capability.

Telstra confirmed that ADSL2+ technology would also be available to Telstra wholesale customers.


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