Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Spirent Adds H.235 VoIP Encryption Test Capability to Abacus

Spirent Communications has enhanced its Abacus 5000 IP Telephony Migration Test System with H.235 VoIP gateway message encryption test capability. This enables network operators and equipment manufacturers to validate the effectiveness of signaling encryption for VoIP gateways and gatekeepers within a multi-zoned H.323 environment.

VoIP architectures employ gateways to carry traffic from one network to another. Call management servers instruct gateway controllers, or gatekeepers, through the Gatekeeper ReQuest (GRQ) messages to control multiple gateways. IP telephony equipment makers typically encrypt these signaling messages in compliance with the International Telecommunications Union's H.235 signaling encryption standard, a subset of the H.323 signaling standard. Spirent's Abacus IP Telephony testing platform now includes functional and load testing specific to GRQ messages and H.235 signaling encryption.

Spirent also plans to introduce other IP telephony security-specific test capabilities related not only to gateway signaling, but also to the media stream (Secure Real Time Protocol), the transport layer (Transport Layer Security), Encryption (IPSec) and protocol robustness testing. http://www.spirentcom.com


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