Monday, March 21, 2005

Sony Launches IPELA IP Products

Sony Electronics launched a new line of "IPELA" IP communications products for the U.S. market.

"IPELA," which Sony derives from the combination of IP and "bella," (Italian for beautiful), will include a line-up of business communications equipment featuring Sony's high-resolution imaging and audio technology. Sony is installing interactive product showrooms in select U.S. cities to support the IPELA product line and is dedicating $10 million in global marketing resources to support the new line.

The first products to be labeled IPELA include the PCS-G70 large room videoconferencing system and the PCS-TL50 desktop videoconferencing system. Also included are network video monitoring cameras including the SNC-RZ25N and P-Series MPEG-4 enabled models and the DF40 and DF70 mini-dome cameras.

Expected later this summer are the new XIS Series of IP video monitoring cameras. This series includes the XIS-5100 wide area monitoring camera, which will cover a 160 degree x 15 degree area, and the XIS-10DC, a unique surveillance system for the industrial, government and aviation sectors with a 360-degree view and 100 megapixel resolution.


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