Sunday, March 20, 2005

Saudi Arabia Selects Motorola for Nationwide iDEN Network

The Public Telecommunications Company (PTC), a consortium of four major Saudi companies authorized by the Saudi Telecommunications Company, selected Motorola to build and operate a nationwide iDEN system. PTC plans to sell iDEN services to business, and government users who have a need to communicate with co-workers using iDEN's unique features. The iDEN solution is a digital trunking system that provides push-to-talk, telephone interconnect services, and packet data to digital Public Access Mobile Radio (PAMR) users and commercial and industrial system customers. PTC anticipates launching the new wireless service in Q2 2005.

The initial phase of the iDEN infrastructure contract, signed during the second half of 2004, is valued in excess of $40 million. Motorola recognized $10 million of revenue from this contract in 2004.

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