Sunday, March 6, 2005

Riverstone's HVPLS Extends MPLS-based Ethernet

Riverstone Networks announced the availability of Hierarchical Virtual Private LAN Service (HVPLS) across both its RS and Riverstone 15000 product lines.

Riverstone said its HVPLS technology extends the capabilities of MPLS-based Ethernet, giving service providers the added reliability and scalability necessary to serve hundreds of thousands or even millions of subscribers dependably. It also provides a more economical means of delivering high quality video services by pushing video packet replications for multicasting further out to the edge.

In addition to adding HVPLS, Riverstone announced several other enhancements, including the introduction of double density line cards on the 15000 platform; support for dual-homed edge and MTU devices; extended troubleshooting with HVPLS OAM support; and Dorado Software's Redcell configuration management.

Ethernet Evolves for Carriers and Customers
when used in conjunction with MPLS, is the first technology at the metro
business and consumer edge that meets all of these sometimes-conflicting
demands. Given its ubiquity at the desktop, Ethernet provides a natural
convergence layer for a variety of higher-layer protocols and
applications. These include IP and other Layer 3 protocols, supporting
data, voice, and video traffic. For new buildouts, customers and carriers
must no longer suffer operationally and cost-intensive handoffs between
Ethernet, Frame Relay, ATM, and SONET/SDH.


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