Sunday, March 20, 2005

Reactivity Extends XML Web Services with SOA Gateway

Reactivity introduced a Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) Gateway for deploying enterprise XML Web services within and among data centers. Reactivity argues there that there is a clear need for dedicated XML Web services infrastructure -- a Layer 7 connectivity issue -- given the identity and access enforcement challenges that currently make it difficult to connect advanced applications across a network.

The Reactivity SOA Gateway is designed to provide the performance and key infrastructure functionality required to securely deploy intra- and inter-data-center XML Web services. This includes a Federated Identity Reference Architecture, which works with existing authentication and authorization systems to ensure transactional trust across sequenced Web services. It also provides a unified record of the identities associated with every transaction. Reactivity said its SOA Gateway is equipped out of the box to unlock access to more than 250 XML-like and non-XML applications, including legacy data formats (such as COBOL Copybooks). It delivers any-to-any XML Web services interoperability, eliminating the tedious and complex hand-coding usually required to connect disparate back-end and e-business systems. Built-in support for Web services management agents simplifies deployment of those tools.


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