Sunday, March 27, 2005

Pure Networks Enhances its Home Networking OS

Pure Networks, a start-up based in Seattle, released a new version of its Network Magic all-in-one home networking software. Network Magic is software for consumers that resides on each computer within a home network, connecting and unifying the many different PCs, routers, gateways, and networked devices into a seamless home network. To manage and repair the home network, Network Magic shows a visual Network Map of all computers and devices on the home network, making it easy for the average PC user to understand and run his or her own home network. When installed, Network Magic automatically configures a Windows 98 and above PC to access and share with others. A "Repair" button and the Network Map help to eliminate a common frustration of broken internet connections by allowing anyone to easily fix the Internet or their home network when trouble occurs. Network Magic's Network Map will also show when Intruders are on your home network and provide clear steps to help secure it.

Pure Networks said it now has copies deployed in some 2 million homes.

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