Monday, March 14, 2005

Nortel Offers Packet Voice Core for Mobile Networks

Nortel introduced significant product enhancements to its wireless packet voice core portfolio for GSM and UMTS operators. The rollout builds on the next generation of Third Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) Release 4 standards, commonly known as R4. Packetizing the voice core would provide a more efficient use of transmission capacity and reduce the amount of network equipment required to support wireless backhaul.

Unlike traditional circuit-switched Mobile Switching Centers (MSCs), R4 technology makes use of Call Servers and Media Gateways that separate the call control software and the physical ports carrying the voice calls. Nortel's R4 solution also includes software features that improve voice quality for subscribers. The enhancements include the following:

  • Introduction of VSP4 Card -- Nortel is introducing fourth generation VSP technology, the VSP4 card. It provides packet network switching and routing for voice channels as well as support for special functions such as lawful intercept, conference calling, tones and announcements.

  • IP based Signaling -- Nortel is introducing IP based signaling for GSM and UMTS operators to be able to transport the signaling traffic over an IP network based on 3GPP standards. This will enable operators to deploy high speed next generation signaling interfaces and a greater number of signaling links. This functionality will reduce the footprint requirement by two-thirds for signaling equipment and reduce the backhaul cost significantly for signaling traffic.

  • Voice Compression -- This functionality provides a solution for compressed voice traffic over packet backbone networks. This enhancement will reduce the bandwidth requirement by almost 75 percent for traffic between media gateways on the packet backbone.

  • Voice Quality Features -- Nortel's media gateway supports integrated Echo Cancellation as well as advanced voice quality processing features, many of which are patented Nortel features. Voice quality features are designed to ensure that wireless packet voice quality is as good as, or better than, traditional TDM voice service quality.

Nortel is currently deploying R4 technology in several major markets across Cingular Wireless' national GSM network. In addition, Nortel recently announced a GSM/GPRS/EDGE upgrade with Telecommunications Services of Trinidad and Tobago, Limited (TSTT), which will include R4 technology. Upon completion of these two projects, Nortel will have deployed over two million ports of its R4 solution in the Americas.


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