Monday, March 14, 2005

Motorola Receives Expansion Order for CDMA 1X System from KDDI

Motorola was awarded a US$150 million expansion order to deploy its CDMA2000 1X Radio Access Network (RAN) system for KDDI of Japan. The Motorola RAN system is scheduled for deployment beginning in fiscal 2006, primarily for services in the 2 GHz band, where KDDI has already begun to roll out services. The order represents the first stage in a broader plan for Motorola to provide equipment and services for KDDI's continued deployment of CDMA2000 1X.

In April 2002, KDDI began nation-wide deployment of CDMA2000 1X, a 3G cellular service, on Motorola's cdmaOne network. Since then, Motorola has played a vital role in KDDI's wireless mobile area, as KDDI's sole vendor of CDMA2000 1X RAN systems.

KDDI currently has some 19 million CDMA subscribers.


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