Sunday, March 6, 2005

MetaSwitch Introduces Application Server for Unified Communications

MetaSwitch introduced its UC9000 Unified Communications System, adding a range of SIP-based features to its existing softswitch product line. The standards-based platform is targeted at service providers launching next generation services.

The initial release of the UC9000 includes Voicemail and Unified Messaging for "any message, any client" access, with support for Web, PDA, telephone and Outlook clients. A Web portal allows subscribers to manage their own messaging and personal telephone settings, plus easy configuration of business groups in the latest evolution of MetaSwitch's "Web Self-Care" technology. Future releases planned for the coming year promise a range of enhanced services including auto attendant, personal call manager, attendant console, click-to-call, calling card/pre-pay and instant messaging. Such "sticky" services offer users increasingly sophisticated levels of control over multiple communication technologies, while carriers reap the rewards in customer loyalty and revenue growth.

The MetaSwitch UC9000, which uses technology from MetaSwitch's parent company Data Connection, is undergoing multiple carrier trials and 5 carriers have placed orders prior to the official launch. One such customer, Missoula, Montana-based Blackfoot Telecommunications, is deploying the UC9000 system alongside a MetaSwitch CA9020 Call Agent and MG3510 Media Gateways for out-of-region expansion and replacement of its 22-exchange Nortel DMS-100 legacy switching network.

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