Sunday, March 6, 2005

Marconi Unveils Long-Haul SDH Radio Platform

Marconi unveiled a new long-haul Synchronous Digital Hierarchy (SDH) radio system featuring very low power consumption and a footprint reduced by 70%. The Marconi Digital Radio System (MDRS) 155 EC digital radio relay system provides STM-1 or STM-4 signals over medium and long distances in the trunk and metro area of communication transmission networks.

Marconi said its new product utilises Digital Adaptive Linearisation techniques to produce a quantum leap in the evolution of high capacity fixed wireless equipment. Marconi can now transmit up to 20 x STM-1 (3.1Gbps) with up to ten STM-1 channels (including the protection switching function and other options) accommodated in one standard equipment rack.

MDRS is frequently deployed with solar power in remote places, therefore, features such as low power are vitally important to customers. The new MDRS 155EC will be available in frequencies up to 13GHz with a capability to cover spans in excess of 100km. Such a system is therefore ideal for long-distance communication in the core and metro areas of networks and most especially through difficult terrain or over water.

"Major advances in technology, falling equipment costs, and greatly enhanced quality and reliability have made point-to-point microwave radio one of the fastest and most reliable ways of providing network capacity," said Alex Marshall, vice president of product marketing for Marconi's Microwave Radio division.