Wednesday, March 2, 2005

LG Electronics, Nortel Show Consumer Handset-Based HSDPA

Nortel and LG Electronics completed the first live test calls using a commercial handset supporting High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA). The companies completed calls using commercially-available UMTS network infrastructure from Nortel and an LG HSDPA handset slated for commercial availability in late 2005. Downloads of pop music songs and three-minute streaming movie clips (the LG device served as a modem to a PC screen) were completed in a moving automobile to demonstrate real-world stability at speeds up to 1.4 Mbps.

HSDPA boosts network capacity to carry up-to-three times as much data traffic and up to twice as many wireless users per cell site compared to today's UMTS networks.

"Based on the success of our interoperability program, I expect Nortel to be the first to market with a complete, end-to-end HSDPA solution with integrated consumer devices," said Peter MacKinnon, president, GSM/UMTS, Nortel.

Nortel recently announced a series of industry milestones with leading chipset and data card vendors, and is working with a number of global operators, including mmO2, on HSDPA trials and deployments in 2005.

Nortel has also demonstrated the maximum data speed enabled by HSDPA -- 14.4 mbps -- on commercially-available equipment including its UMTS Base Transceiver stations and UMTS Radio Network Controller, along with terminals supplied by Ubinetics.


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