Sunday, March 6, 2005

Kagoor Adds On+Off the Path Functionality to SBC

Kagoor Networks introduced a new unique session border control capability designed for Tier 1 carriers and other large VoIP service providers. The new "On+Off the Path" functionality allows them to place Kagoor's session border controllers within their chosen network design, rather than having to make material network changes to incorporate the session border controller.

In an On the Path configuration, where a carrier has converged voice and data, VoiceFlow now supports Data NAT functionality (including header NAT, source NAT, HTTP, HTTPS, TFTP and FTP support). Here, VoiceFlow processes management and data traffic from VoIP endpoints (e.g., configuration data) without the need for additional devices.

The Off the Path configuration is excellent for carriers and service providers that have an existing network in place with segregated voice traffic, and want to introduce added border control functionality and security for VoIP in a non-intrusive manner.

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