Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Infineon Introduces ADSL2+ Chip

Infineon Technologies introduced a low-power, low-cost ADSL2+ chip supporting data rates of up to 25 Mbps. The new "GEMINAX PRO" ADSL2+ chipset is designed for high-density, DSL central office applications. Infineon said power consumption is about 30% lower than conventional chips, and a correspondingly lower amount of heat is produced. This will enable higher densities -- approximately one third more ADSL2+ connections -- without requiring additional cabinet space or cooling.

The GEMINAX PRO chipset consists of a 16-channel ADSL2+ Digital Front End (DFE) and a 4-channel Analog Front End (AFE), with integrated low-power Class D line drivers.

The GEMINAX PRO also features "switched-mode" that is already being employed widely in portable audio devices (such as MP3 players) due to its extremely low power consumption levels. The first prototypes for the new chip will be shipped in May, and volume production will begin in autumn 2005.

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