Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Global Crossing Continues Decommissioning TDM Switches

Global Crossing is continuing to decommission legacy switches in four additional cities throughout its MPLS network. The company's first TDM switch was decommissioned in Chicago last year and replaced with Sonus VoIP switches. Since then, the company has decommissioned switches in its San Francisco hub and moved the traffic to VoIP switches in Sacramento. It will do the same with switches in Los Angeles, Boston and Newark in the first half of this year.

Global Crossing began the decommissioning project last year as VoIP traffic traversing its private backbone grew to 2.3 billion minutes each month. In the fourth quarter of 2004, VoIP traffic represented almost 49% of the company's total voice traffic.

Global Crossing's VoIP network is fully interoperable with its TDM backbone and enables carriers and enterprises to gradually transition to a fully converged all-IP network environment over a single connection.


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