Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Global Crossing Boosts UK Core with Lucent LambdaUnite

Global Crossing announced an upgrade to its 10,000-km UK backbone that paves the way for an eight-fold increase in core network capacity. Lucent Technologies implemented a DWDM core upgrade based on its LambdaUnite Multi-Service Switch (MSS) and the Navis Optical Management System (OMS). This will raise the potential capacity of each of the seven core nodes to 320 Gbps, with the capability of supporting 40 10-Gbps channels on any route. The new UK core will interconnect with Global Crossing's international optical transmission network. The network upgrade is scheduled for completion during the second quarter of 2005.

Global Crossing said its 10,000 route-kilometer network extends to within two km of 64% of the UK's business population via 156 points of presence, and uses approximately 50 Partial Private Circuit interconnects with BT to reach those customers that are not directly on-net. Global Crossing's multiple voice interconnects with BT mean that 95% of voice traffic is handed off at the lowest single tandem rates.


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