Sunday, March 6, 2005

Global Crossing Announces New VoIP LDS Service

Global Crossing launched a new VoIP LDS (local digital service) offer in the U.S., enabling enterprises to extend their local presence to more than 46 major business centers across the US. The new service allows enterprises to expand their addressable markets by offering their customers local numbers through a single connection from one provider. Customers of enterprises can dial these numbers as local calls from any or all of the 46 major business centers serviced by Global Crossing. Calls are then routed across Global Crossing's private VoIP platform to any enterprise location providing a nationwide local presence.

VoIP LDS supports E911, operator and directory assistance. It also gives enterprises the flexibility of local number portability (LNP), allowing them to change service providers within a local service area without switching numbers. Global Crossing plans to expand VoIP LDS to additional markets in and beyond the U.S.