Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Ericsson and Siemens Reach Push-to-Talk Interoperability

Ericsson and Siemens Communications completed interoperability tests between Siemens push to talk handsets and Ericsson infrastructure (IMS system including push to talk server). Recent testing between Ericsson infrastructure and Siemens mobile devices were carried out with two currently offered push to talk enabled devices, the CX70 and C70 which are commercially available. Siemens plans to offer ten different handsets supporting push-to-talk this year.

The companies said this major step will significantly expand the customer base for operators planning to offer standard-based push. It also proves the two global mobile communications suppliers' commitment to open standards.

Ericsson's push to talk solution is based on IMS and complies with the existing Push to talk over Cellular, (PoC) specifications to ensure interoperability and will comply with OMA PoC specifications when available. Ericsson's IMS system also supports other fixed and mobile services such as Combinational Services (talking and sharing various media at the same time), IP Centrex etc. Ericsson conducts interoperability testing of push to talk/IMS handsets through its Multi Vendor Terminal Verification program that is open for any vendor.


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