Monday, March 14, 2005

Ditech Introduces its Next Gen Echo Cancellation

Ditech Communications introduced its next generation in voice quality solutions, combining 192 millisecond hybrid echo cancellation and bi-directional acoustic echo cancellation to control the effects of echo across converging networks.

The solution is positioned to help mobile carriers provide superior voice quality in increasingly complex network interconnections and as they transition from circuit to packet, protecting both the caller and call recipient from the annoying effects of echo regardless of the network infrastructure in the call path.

The echo cancellation application is available on Ditech Communications' Broadband Voice Processor (BVP-Flex) platform and leverages the advanced voice processing capabilities of Ditech's Voice Quality Assurance (VQA).

Ditech said its bi-directional acoustic echo cancellation capability allows carriers to protect subscribers from acoustic echo originated by handsets on either side of a mobile conversation. The 400 millisecond acoustic echo processing window ensures protection from network call paths that now may have longer delays due to complex routing and packet transport.


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