Sunday, March 13, 2005

BroadSoft Launches Mobile PBX

Broadsoft launched a BroadWorks Mobile PBX solution designed to bridge the gap between the advanced voice and multimedia features available on landline phones in the enterprise versus the limited range of enterprise features on mobile phones. It could be used in several scenarios:

  • Mobile Hosted PBX: a solution which offers a wide set of features to mobile users, without a need for a fixed-line PBX

  • Mobile Extension to PBX: a solution for enterprises who wish to extend their fixed-line PBX capabilities to mobile users through a separate, parallel system

  • Hybrid Hosted PBX: a solution for an enterprise seeking both fixed and mobile access to PBX capabilities

Separately, BroadSoft announced that its BroadWorks platform has now been deployed operationally by Ericsson and Lucent Technologies in separate IMS- related carrier roll-outs. The IP Multimedia Subsystem (IMS) architecture is aimed at unifying fixed and mobile infrastructures. Using IMS, mobile and wireline carriers could offer hosted VoIP, PBX, conferencing, instant messaging, or other multimedia features independent of their infrastructure.