Tuesday, March 29, 2005

BigBand Offer GigE Networked Video Decoding

BigBand Networks introduced a chassis platform for networked Gigabit Ethernet decoding. The BigBand Broadband Real-Time Decoder (BRD210) was developed in collaboration with KTech Telecommunications, a provider of professional digital broadcast and digital headend technologies. The compact chassis receives a gigabit-per-second of MPEG content over IP via an SFP module, and performs decoding for up to 40 analog video outputs with single audio, 20 with dual audio or combinations in between. Modularity allows operators to deploy only the precisely required output capacity. Each module is hot-swappable. The BRD is catered towards leveraging existing network investments by interfacing to already installed analog modulators.

BigBand is also introducing a new card for its company's versatile BMR(Broadband Multimedia-Service Router) that offers integrated decoding, modulation, and up conversion. The card occupies one modular slot in the carrier-class BMR chassis. Each card can receive a gigabit-per-second of content by SFP, and perform decoding of up to six analog channels with modulation and two-to-one up conversion onto three RF ports of two channels each, for a total of up to 48 channels in a single BMR1200 chassis. http://www.bigbandnet.com

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