Sunday, March 13, 2005

AOL Ties Instant Pictures into Instant Messenger

AOL has developed a new Instant Pictures feature for both AOL members and users of the AIM instant messenger service. The Instant Pictures features builds on the popularity of camera phones and nationwide adoption of its mobile AIM service.

The first version of the Instant Pictures feature lets users send pictures from their desktop AIM client to friends' and family members' cellular numbers on any mobile device. The new feature lets those who receive an Instant Picture respond by sharing their own photos as well.

AOL also announced that it is working with carrier partners and third-party developers to deliver next-generation mobile AIM clients that incorporate the Instant Pictures feature. These next-generation mobile AIM clients will enable users to both initiate, and reply to, Instant Picture messages by simply inserting a picture into the AIM conversation. Recipients see a thumbnail image of the picture on their mobile AIM screen that they can click to expand. They can reply with their own Instant Picture and initiate fun Instant Picture sharing experiences with everyone on their Buddy List feature.

Instant Pictures is supported by AOL's new Multimedia Messaging System ( MMS ) server as well as its Open Mobile Alliance ( OMA ) Instant Messaging Presence Server ( IMPS ) or Wireless Village server.

Also launching today are new MapQuest mobile services including MapQuest Traffic and MapQuest Find Me. Lastly, now being made available to carriers are mobile versions of America Online's popular You've Got Pictures, Radio@AOL and the AOL CityGuide and Moviefone services.

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