Monday, March 14, 2005

Alvarion Enhances its Wireless Access Platform in 5 GHz

Alvarion has enhanced its BreezeACCESS VL platform to enable increased capacity, an option for narrower channels for more effective network planning, and improved interference resistance. These improvements are part of both VL hardware and firmware upgrades. Networks built in North America will benefit from a 30% increase in capacity, while European networks can get up to a 50% increase. Also provided is a new channel spacing option of 10MHz, in addition to the 20MHz currently offered, to enable greater flexibility in network planning. Notably significant is the addition of an automatic clear channel selection (ACCS) using a built in spectrum analyzer that detects the noise on each channel, thereby allowing the unit to select the clearest channel. All new hardware is fully interoperable with existing network deployments, which include customers such as Verizon Avenue and British Telecom.


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