Wednesday, March 9, 2005

Acterna Adds Handheld FTTx/PON, Optical Loss Testers

Acterna announced two new SMART optical handhelds: the OLP-57 SMART FTTX/PON selective power meter and the OLT-55 SMART optical loss test set.

The OLP-57 SMART FTTX/PON selective power meter is a high-performance power meter for testing, installing and maintaining FTTx/PON systems. It provides simultaneous measurement at all three wavelengths on the fiber (1490 nm and 1550 downstream and 1310 nm upstream). The 1310 nm channel provides correct power measurements of burst-type upstream PON signals. The OLP-57 also allows user-adjusted thresholds for easy pass/fail analysis.

The OLT-55 SMART optical loss test set is a universal instrument with a two or three wavelength laser source in combination with a power meter that can be used for singlemode fibers and systems in the lab, manufacturing (USB interface), installation, maintenance and troubleshooting. It offers a built-in auto-zeroing function, providing accuracy even for very low power levels or high loss measurements . In addition, the OLT-55 can be used as a power meter or laser source with all features of the corresponding OLS-55 and OLP-55 handheld testers.

Acterna said there are more than 70,000 previous-generation units from its optical handhelds portfolio currently in the field.


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