Sunday, February 13, 2005

XO Launches Voice Termination Service for VoIP Providers

XO Communications, which operates one of the industry's largest deployments of Sonus Networks softswitches, announced the availability of its voice termination service for VoIP providers.

XO VoIP Termination allows service providers to terminate voice calls to domestic locations in the United States using softswitch technology deployed across the XO national IP network. With an IP connection to the XO IP network, the customer's voice traffic will be routed across the XO OC-192 class of service-enabled network at the highest level of priority. The traffic passes through an XO softswitch gateway and is carried across the XO IP network to an XO softswitch gateway nearest the final destination of the call. The traffic is then converted by an XO softswitch to a format accepted by the terminating local service provider.

The XO VoIP Termination Service supports Session initiation protocol (SIP) signaling. It uses session border controllers for network and application level security.


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