Sunday, February 6, 2005

Vendors Form VoIP Security Alliance

A new industry group called the VoIP Security Alliance has been formed to help organizations discover, understand and mitigate VoIP security risks. The group plans to host discussion lists, offer white papers, and sponsor VoIP security research.

Some of the charter members include 3Com, Alcatel, Avaya, Codenomicon, Columbia University, Ernst & Young's Guiliani Advanced Security Center, Insightix, NetCentrex, Qualys, SecureLogix, Siemens, Sourcefire, Southern Methodist University, Spirent, Symantec, the SANS Institute and Tenable Network Security.

The group believes that as VoIP deployments become more widespread, the technology becomes a more attractive target for hackers, increasing the potential for harm from cyber attacks. The emergence of VoIP application-level attacks will likely occur as attackers become more familiar with the technology through exposure and easy access.

TippingPoint, a division of 3Com, is providing an administrative service in forming VOIPSA, recruiting members and facilitating VOIPSA meetings.

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