Monday, February 21, 2005

Terayon Offers MSO Solution for All-Digital Migration

Terayon Communication Systems introduced an IP-enabled, digital-to-analog multichannel integrated edge decoder (MID) that enables cable operators to accelerate and manage their evolution to all-digital networks, allowing them to deliver more high quality digital video services to their subscribers.

Cable operators currently maintain dual analog and digital headends to transport duplicate digital and analog programming line-ups to their digital and analog video subscribers. This dual carriage not only requires separate digital and analog headend and transmission equipment, but more importantly uses a substantial portion of network capacity for parallel distribution of the analog signals.

Terayon said that with its new CP 7600G platform at the edge of their networks, operators can immediately remove that analog tier and distribute all of their programming only once -- digitally -- across their networks. Deployed at the edge of cable networks -- typically in local headends or hubs -- the CP 7600G decodes the digital signal into a high-quality analog signal for transmission to analog subscribers on the network. Using this approach, operators can consolidate critical functions in the digital domain, such as headend operations and local ad insertion.

Terayon's CP 7600G MID is capable of decoding up to six MPEG-2 digital video services to either NTSC or PAL analog format in a compact, one rack unit (RU) tall chassis.


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