Sunday, February 6, 2005

Straitshot Secures $5 Million for Layer 2 Services

Straitshot Communications, a start-up WAN provider based in Seattle, closed $5 million dollars in a private placement for a connectivity service that is promoted as an economical replacement for Frame Relay and MPLS. The Straitshot network uses a Layer 2 architecture that aggregates the access networks of leading national and regional providers. The network delivers private WAN connectivity with QoS. Straitshot physically aggregates these access networks at regional co-located facilities (POPs). It connects all of its regional aggregation POPs through a private backbone.

The new funding was led by Brookstreet Securities Corporation.

  • Straighshot is headed by Robert Hogan, who previously was President and co-founder of TeleAmerica, which was later part of a sale to Pacific Bell; and co-founder of TCI, a telecom equipment company which was sold to Inter-tel.

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