Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Sprint Offers Global Quad-band Phone

Sprint introduced a digital quad-band phone, the Sprint PCS International Phone IP-A790 by Samsung, aimed at multinational business customers. When used in conjunction with a subscriber identity module (SIM) card, the Sprint PCS International Phone IP-A790 by Samsung allows customers to make voice calls on both CDMA and GSM networks in more than 130 countries where Sprint has roaming agreements in place. The phone also functions as a multimedia device on the Sprint Nationwide PCS Network so customers can view on-demand streaming video and audio and shoot video clips with the embedded camera and camcorder. The retail price of the phone is $550.

Sprint has established flat-rate pricing for GSM countries where it has roaming agreements in place. Customers now pay $1.50 per minute for making or receiving calls in those countries with long-distance included. Rates for the remaining covered countries where frequencies supported include CDMA and AMPS are $.50 to $.99 per minute plus varying long-distance rates, depending on where the call originates.
a wireless connection to the rest of the world at simple, flat-rate pricing in supported GSM countries abroad.


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