Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Siemens to Supply MSC solution from Spatial Wireless

Siemens Communications will supply a 3G wireless MSC solution from Spatial Wireless to a key 3G UMTS customer in the United States. Spatial Wireless, a wholly-owned entity of Alcatel, offers a next generation wireless distributed mobile switching solution that supports multiple generations of radio access, services, and core transport technologies.

A distributed mobile switching solution is characterized by a centralized call server, providing the switching logic and management, and one or more media gateways providing the physical bearer (voice) path communicating through open standard interfaces. The architecture would allow carriers like Cingular, which recently announced it would deploy UMTS in major markets across the United States, to centralize operations at the call server sites in regional centers, while distributing media gateways to the various communities where calls are most likely to be connected, thereby reducing maintenance expenses and unnecessary backhaul costs.


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