Monday, February 14, 2005

SFR Trials Alcatel's Mobile NGN Solution

SFR, the second-ranking mobile phone operator in France with 35.5% of market share and 15.8 million customers, will trial Alcatel's mobile Next Generation Network (NGN) solution throughout its 2G/3G mobile networks in France. Alcatel's solution was developed by Spatial Wireless, a company recently acquired by Alcatel. The cornerstone of this solution is the Alcatel 5020 Spatial Atrium Softswitch, a multi-standard and field-proven mobile call server controlling distributed media gateways and managing call/session control for voice and data services.

Alcatel noted that is solution is already in commercial use with major GSM/EDGE and CDMA operators in the world, with deployments and market trials in North and Latin America, China, and India -- with over one million ports deployed in 2004.

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