Sunday, February 13, 2005

Qwest and AT&T Reach Wholesale Services Deal

Qwest Communications announced a commercial agreement on wholesale pricing and services with AT&T. The agreement for Qwest Platform Plus (QPP) provides for wholesale pricing continuity for AT&T and a guarantee that such services will continue to be available consistent with AT&T's market plans.

In a separate statement, AT&T noted that it had stopped marketing traditional residential and small-business voice services last summer, and that the new agreement with Qwest does not change that decision.
http://www.qwest.comIn June 2004, MCI and Qwest Communications reached a landmark agreement on wholesale pricing and services -- marking the first commercially negotiated wholesale agreement between ILEC and major CLEC. The agreement maintains existing prices through 31-Dec-2004; creates a transition period through January 2007; provides for incremental price adjustments at scheduled points within the transition period; and eases MCI's transition to facilities-based service offerings.

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